Get rid of your 2nd or 3rd home equity loans now!  This is a Free consultation.

Because of the Recent Nationwide Real Estate Crisis, Banks are Willing to Settle Your Second Mortgage – NOW!

Don't put it off!

Every day counts in eliminating your 2nd mortgage.

End the payments without bankruptcy.

JUST ADDED! 1st Mortgage Settlement Program Available.


Good credit is NOT a factor; only the value of your property. You must act now while values are down. If the value of your property has dropped and the value is "less than" the balance on your mortgages, we can eliminate of your 2nd mortgage for as low as 10% of the balance. We CAN help you!


The statistics are all over the place, but it’s clear that also not only are mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures skyrocketing, but millions of homeowners are "upside-down" in their mortgages; that is they owe more to the bank than their houses are worth! What can be done? 

Is there a realistic solution? Fortunately, yes! There is a solution and the banks are willing to cooperate by settling 2nd and 3rd mortgages for pennies on the dollar.

Many consumers are unaware that it’s often possible to settle with creditors on 2nd mortgage obligations for greatly reduced principal balances. Why would a second lender agree to a settlement on a debt that is secured? Simple. Once the property drops in value below the level where even the first mortgage is under water, then the second lender is completely exposed and is very unlikely to recover anything by way of foreclosure. In that situation, a settlement for even 10-15% of the face value on the mortgage often makes sense for the lender.


If your 2nd mortgage problem is your single biggest financial challenge, you are not alone. Call us today for a free consultation. We can help you determine whether such an approach makes sense for your financial circumstances.


It doesn't take much to see that eliminating your 2nd or 3rd mortgage can "right-side-up" your currently "upside-down" property. That's where we can help you. Click on the button below to get started.

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